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  • How do I become a comic book subscriber?
    To become a subscriber you'll need: One of the following: Have at least 2 ongoing comic book series that you would like us to order and pull aside for you. Have at least 1 ongoing manga series that you would like us to order And ALL of the following: E-Sign or Ink Sign our Customer Service Agreement. Pay for your annual $4.99 subscription.
  • What benefits do subscribers get?
    All subscribers get 7% loyalty rewards on all purchases. Subscription Orders will be checked for damages and set aside for you with your name on it when your order arrives from the distributor. 1.5 Times Reward Multiplier on single transactions over $99 before tax. 10.5% In rewards discount! Email Reminders. Update your subscriptions and orders via text message. Pay-by-Phone, Pay-by-link or Card-On-File payment available for our busy customers. Bonus Rewards for special orders, based on publisher, product type and our store allocation.
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